Cook, Roemer, Dogg & Cross Open Golden Door


Rachael Leigh Cook and Sarah Roemer are starring and rapper Snoop Dogg and Joseph Cross are in final negotiations to star in David M. Rosenthal’s romantic comedy The Golden Door.

The film follows a blue-collar nursing student played by Cross (Running With Scissors) who’s forced to quit school after his father dies in a freak handball accident. His uncle finds him a job as a doorman in a swank Manhattan apartment building, leading to an unlikely romance with a young resident, played by Roemer (Disturbia).

Cook will play the sister who encourages Cross’ relationship, much to the dismay of the girl’s mother. Snoop Dogg plays the slick doorman who hazes his new co-worker and shows him the ropes.

The movie is set to begin shooting Sept. 4 in Spokane, Wash., followed by a location shoot in New York City. Cinematographer Joseph Gallagher is slated to shoot the project.