Universal Acquires Daniel Silva’s Spy Novels


Universal Pictures has acquired rights to a seven-book series of bestselling spy novels by Daniel Silva. Variety reports that the studio is eyeing the 2006 thriller “The Messenger” as a possible first film, and has set Pierre Morel to direct.

Mark Gordon and Josh McLaughlin are producing through the Mark Gordon Co.

The Silva series began in 2000 with “The Kill Artist,” and revolves around Gabriel Allon. A Mossad agent who was part of the covert team that avenged the murder of Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics, Allon retired and became an art restorer after his wife and child were killed by a terrorist.

“The Messenger” is the sixth book in the series.

Morel (Banlieue 13) just completed directing Taken, a thriller that stars Liam Neeson as a former spy who dusts off his old skills when his daughter is kidnapped and sold into the slave trade.

Silva’s latest novel in the series, “The Secret Servant,” was published last month by Putnam.