The Weekend Warrior: August 3 – 5

ON’s The Weekend Warrior Blog has been updated with a preview of the new releases in theaters this weekend. You can check out the Weekend Warrior’s preview and box office analysis for the movies in wide release and this week’s Chosen One, Julie Gavras’ French “commie-of-age” comedy Blame It On Fidel, as well as other limited releases.

August kicks off with five new movies in wide release but the only one that will make any significant money or have any impact at the box office is the third chapter in the Matt Damon action-thriller trilogy The Bourne Ultimatum (Universal), making it two weeks in a row with a $50 million opening, as fans of the first two movies will finally learn the truth behind Bourne’s past. With Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille gone from the Top 10, there’s a pretty large opening for a kids/family movie to do well this weekend which may be why Disney’s releasing Underdog, a live action talking animal movie based on the cartoon series. Also, “Saturday Night Live”‘s Andy Samberg stars in Hot Rod (Paramount), an irreverent comedy that takes the humor of his popular SNL short films and turns them into a feature-length movie.

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