Sarkissian Plays The Anderson Tapes


Rush Hour 3 producer Arthur Sarkissian has optioned Lawrence Sanders novel “The Anderson Tapes,” previously made by Sidney Lumet into a 1971 film starring Sean Connery, with plans to hatch a new version.

Variety says he’s also optioned the book “Everybody Eats There: Inside the World’s Legendary Restaurants,” by William Stadiem and Mara Gibbs, with the intent of crafting a comedy from the culinary travelogue’s chapter about the world’s pickiest eater.

The original “Anderson Tapes” film starred Connery as an ex-con in New York who doesn’t know he’s under surveillance as he tries to rip off a high-rise apartment building. Sarkissian said the new version will be set in Miami.

For “Everybody Eats There,” Sarkissian aims to indulge his passion and knowledge of haute cuisine with a comedy that will unfold in posh European eateries.