Virginity Rocks at Screen Gems


Screen Gems has teamed with Maxim magazine to set up the pitch “Virginity Rocks,” with Melissa Carter (Talk of the Town) to pen the script.

The story revolves around a gorgeous transfer student who clings to her virginity and gets all the promiscuous girls in school to abstain from sex; in response, the popular guys ask the school stud to try to bed the poster girl and ending her “virginity rocks” campaign.

The film will be released as Maxim’s Virginity Rocks, and it’s the third that has been set up with a division of the magazine designed for randy lads.

Screen Gems also has set with Maxim Fired Up, a comedy Will Gluck is writing and will direct, about two horny guys who attend a cheerleading camp, and Mardi Gras, a comedy written by Josh Heald about three college seniors who try to sow their wild oats in New Orleans.