The Weekend Warrior: July 27 – 29

ON’s The Weekend Warrior Blog has been updated with a preview of the new releases in theaters this weekend. You can check out the Weekend Warrior’s preview and box office analysis for the movies in wide release and this week’s Chosen One, the Iraq doc No End in Sight, as well as other limited releases.

The last weekend in July is a busy one with four new movies opening in wide release and two limited releases expanding wider. Obviously, the most anticipated movie of the weekend is 20th Century Fox’s The Simpsons Movie, which brings the popular TV cartoon family to the big screen. With the animated television show’s eighteen years of popularity and success under its belt, you can expect a huge audience of fans going to theatres to laugh as a group, though it’s going to appeal more to guys than women. Women who might not have much interest in a television cartoons turned into movies will have another option in the new Catherine Zeta-Jones “romantidramedy” No Reservations, based on the German movie Mostly Martha, and it should have enough buzz from sneak previews and from the general popularity of Zeta-Jones to open decently though it’ll have a hard time getting past the high-profile blockbusters.

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