Harry Potter 5 Reaches $558 Million Globally


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix dominated the international box office this weekend with $100.8 million from more than 13,000 prints in 58 markets, reports Variety.

Warner Bros.’ fifth “Harry Potter” film has earned $351.3 million overseas in its first 12 days, making it the 32nd highest overseas grosser of all time. And with $558 million total, “Phoenix” now ranks 40th on the list of top-grossing films worldwide.

After posting the third-biggest foreign opening frame last weekend, “Phoenix” became only the third movie to top the $100 million mark in its second weekend along with The Matrix Reloaded, which landed $113 million in 2003, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, with $103 million seven weeks ago.

Paramount’s Transformers continued its strong foreign performance with $34 million at 4,315 in 42 territories. The Michael Bay-directed film has topped Paramount’s expectations with $192 million overseas without yet launching in the four biggest markets — Japan, the U.K., Germany and France. Its global gross is a brawny $455 million.

Live Free or Die Hard continued to show life outside the United States with $23 million at 5,500 in 51 markets, a 28% hike from the previous frame. Known as Die Hard 4.0 outside the U.S., the Bruce Willis vehicle has managed to take in $155 million internationally without having opened yet in Brazil, Italy or Spain. The movie has earned $241.6 million worldwide.

Paramount’s other summer tentpole, Shrek the Third, continued to tap into family markets with $10.6 million at 4,544 in 54 markets for a beefy total of $381.4 million. It has made $679.8 million globally, 26th on the all-time worldwide list.