Indiana Jones 4 Update


The Associated Press reports that Harrison Ford, who turned 65 on Friday, is doing most of his own stunts for Indiana Jones 4.

“He’s doing them, he just has a few more ice packs and a few more massages,” producer Kathleen Kennedy said.

“And a lot of Celebrex,” producer Frank Marshall added.

The movie just completed the first of three weeks of filming in Hawaii, after spending a week each in New Mexico and Connecticut. The lush areas surrounding Hilo are filling in as a South American rain forest.

The film’s biggest action sequences are being filmed in Hawaii. Marshall compared one scene to the thrilling, white-knuckled truck chase in the desert in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

“It’s that level,” he said.

Hawaii will be featured in about 20 percent of the film. About half will be from sets in Los Angeles. The Aloha State was also the backdrop for portions of “Raiders.”

Kennedy promised movie fans, who have patiently waited since the 1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, would get the same level of excitement as the previous three films.

“The cleverness, the humor and the tone of Indiana Jones is very much alive and well in this movie,” Kennedy said.