Apatow and Hill Have Pure Imagination


MTV talked to Superbad star Jonah Hill who says he is teaming with Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin) for his next two projects as well.

“The next two movies I’m going to make are movies that I wrote [and] that Judd and I are producing for Universal and Sony,” the 23-year-old said of his current slate, which includes the previously-announced flick “Middle Child” (“We are finding a director for that,” Hill said), and the new script he’s just about completed.

“It’s called ‘Pure Imagination,'” he said of the film, in which he’ll also star. “Basically, I go through a bunch of traumatic stuff, and I develop an imaginary friend. Then what happens is I meet a girl, and we start datingÂ…but the problem is I don’t know whether she [actually] exists [or] whether she’s a figment of my imagination.”

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