The Weekend Warrior: June 22 – 24

ON’s The Weekend Warrior Blog has been updated with a preview of the new releases in theaters this weekend. You can check out the Weekend Warrior’s preview and box office analysis for the movies in wide release and a preview of limited releases including this week’s Chosen One, Black Sheep. This week’s Battle Cry is available here.

The sequels keep a-comin’ and while a few of this summer’s offerings haven’t done as well as their predecessors, that will probably be nothing compared to what happens when Steve Carell tries to step into Jim Carrey’s shoes for Evan Almighty (Universal), an animal-driven comedy based on the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark. Although Carell’s appeal from “The Office” and The 40-Year-Old Virgin will play a large factor in getting people into theatres, it’s more likely to appeal to kids and their parents than teens and adults, and it will fall way short of the opening of its predecessor Bruce Almighty.

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