Busch Gardens Williamsburg Ride to Become a Movie?


The Hollywood Reporter says that plan are in the works for Corkscrew Hill (see official page), an animated 3-D stereoscopic theme park ride at Busch Gardens Europe in Williamsburg, Va., to become the basis of a 3-D CG feature film.

Visual effects innovators Jeff Kleiser and Diana Walczak — who wrote and directed the ride for Busch Entertainment — have taken the ride idea and extended it to a developed feature-length script. Plans would call for Kleiser and Walczak’s Synthespian Studios to produce in partnership with Busch Entertainment. Kleiser and Walczak also would co-direct.

Kleiser and Walczak’s visual effects credits include Clear and Present Danger and Stargate. Kleiser’s resume also includes work on the 1982 groundbreaking effects film Tron.

“We’re a few weeks away from bringing (the script) to Hollywood and passing it around to see if we can find people to help us make it,” Kleiser said.

The animation for the film would be produced by Synthespian, but Kleiser said the team already is preparing to handle that work at multiple sites, domestic and abroad.