The Weekend Warrior: June 15 – 17

ON’s The Weekend Warrior Blog has been updated with a preview of the new releases in theaters this weekend. You can check out the Weekend Warrior’s preview and box office analysis for the movies in wide release and a preview of limited releases including this week’s Chosen One, Eagle vs. Shark.

After a weekend where two sequels opened below expectations and below previous installments, it’s rather daunting to see that the big movie this weekend is another sequel, this one being the second live-action movie starring Marvel Comics’ greatest family superteam, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Although it’s following a less than well-received introduction to the group, one can expect that the added bonus of the Silver Surfer will bring a lot of comic book, action and effects fans into theatres this weekend, and it should be helped by a short running time (i.e. more screenings) and a family-friendly PG rating. Look for it to open respectably on Friday as many rush out to see it, although it’s likely to be as frontloaded as the previous movie.

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