Babylon A.D. Promo Teaser Online


A promo teaser for director Mathieu Kassovitz’s sci-fi action-thriller Babylon A.D., starring Vin Diesel, is now online. ‘Janine’ from VinXperience wrote:

I’m excited to tell you that some scenes from Babylon A.D. along with some backstage footage from the shooting have been aired on Canal+. It’s a French TV channel that interviewed director Kassovitz and actress Michelle Yeoh during the Cannes Film Festival and they brought along the amazing clip.

You can watch the clip in Windows Media format here!

20th Century Fox will release the film here on February 29, 2008. Diesel plays a veteran-turned-mercenary who agrees to escort a woman from Russia to Germany, not realizing that she’s the host for an organism that a cult wants to harvest into a genetically-modified Messiah.