Tom Cruise’s Tropic Thunder Cameo?


In an article talking about cameos in movies, The Hollywood Reporter talks about Tom Cruise’s possible cameo for the Ben Stiller-directed comedy Tropic Thunder at DreamWorks:

Another reason for the need to keep a star mini-turn hush hush is that it could spoil the surprise and ironic wit. If rumors pan out that Tom Cruise will appear as a despotic studio head in cameo king Ben Stiller’s “Tropic Thunder,” Hollywood insiders are likely to view it as an unexpected in-joke at the expense of the top execs at his former home studio, Paramount.

Ironically, Paramount will distribute the film, starring Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black. The July 11, 2008 release is about five actors who go on location and find themselves relying on their boot camp experiences when they get stuck in a real war-like situation.

Cruise and Stiller will also star together in Fox 2000’s Hardy Men, the Shawn Levy-directed comedy about the grown-up adventures of the Hardy Boys.