John Turturro to Direct 1-900


John Turturro is slated to direct 1-900, the third film in the Theo Van Gogh remake trilogy, says Variety.

The project is a redo of slain Dutch filmmaker Van Gogh’s 1994 pic 06, about two lonely souls who meet through a sex chat line. The title refers to the digits required to dial such lines in the Netherlands.

At the time of the remake trilogy announcement a few years ago, Bob Balaban was set to direct the film.

The second in the series, Blind Date, starts shooting in Belgium on May 28 with Stanley Tucci at the helm. Tucci will star as well, along with Patricia Clarkson.

The trilogy kicked off with a remake of Van Gogh’s 2003 film Interview, helmed by and starring Steve Buscemi. Sienna Miller co-stars in the film, to be released on July 13 by Sony Pictures Classics.