Evan Almighty Site Enhanced


Universal Pictures has updated the official Evan Almighty site with new features worth checking out. Here’s the rundown:

– “Animal Sudoku”: Choose your style of Sudoku-colored footprints, traditional with numbers, or black footprints (a little harder)! Each style starts with an initial score and goes down from the time you start the game, so think fast!
– “Arketris”: Help Evan build the ark piece by piece.
– “Zoo Rescue”: A flood is coming! Help Evan get the animals onto the ark before you’re all doing the backstroke!
– “Evan Almighty Round Up”: You’ve only got seconds to save the animals before they flee!
– “Noah It All!”: Test your knowledge about conservation and man’s effect on nature – all while you help Evan build the Ark and avoid a flood… of ignorance!
– “The Evan Almighty Activity Book” is now available for download.
– “Get On Board Now”: Help take action by supporting the initiative to slow the effects of global warming by visiting GetonBoard.org.

Visit the film’s official website here!

The Universal Pictures comedy, directed by Tom Shadyac, stars Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Graham, John Goodman, John Michael Higgins, Jimmy Bennett, Wanda Sykes and Jonah Hill. It opens on June 22.