Meet Your Daemon on the Golden Compass Site


New Line Cinema has launched a new interactive feature called “Meet Your Daemon” on its official website for the upcoming film The Golden Compass. The movie is scheduled for a Dec. 7, 2007 release.

“Meet Your Daemon” allows users to discover exactly what daemon (pronounced dee-mon) best represents their personality, and then allows them to take their uniquely created daemon avatar with them by embedding it on their own website or MySpace page, using it as their AIM logo, or downloading it as desktop wallpaper.

“This feature lets you personally experience one of the most unique and engaging elements of ‘The Golden Compass,'” says Gordon Paddison, Executive Vice President, New Media Marketing. “You can identify your daemon and then share it with your friends and social networks on a variety of digital platforms.”

In the world of The Golden Compass, a person’s soul lives on the outside of their body in the form a daemon, an animal spirit that accompanies them through life. A child’s daemon can change shape, assuming all the forms that a child’s potential inspires; but as a person ages, their daemon gradually settles into one form, according to their character and nature. For example, a person with a dog daemon would tend to follow authority, whereas one with a cat daemon would tend to be more independent.

Visitors to The Golden Compass website can discover who their daemon is by answering 20 personality profile questions. Based on their answers, a unique daemon is created for them with its own name and characteristics designed to reflect the user’s real-life personality. As an added bonus, users can also have their friends answer the personality questions about them and see what daemon represents them in their friends’ eyes.