Goyer on Scanners Remake


The man of many projects, writer-director David Goyer, has The Invisible hitting theaters later this month. And naturally, when he’s out on the press circuit he becomes a wealth of information when it comes to future films awaiting his attention such as the Scanners remake he was recently attached to for Dimension Films.

In the 1981 David Cronenberg-directed film starring Michael Ironside, a man with intense psychic abilities is recruited to track down others with similar mind powers. For gorehounds, the film was rightfully made popular by its stimulating exploding head sequence.

“Cronenberg embeds so much subtext into his stories,” Goyer recently told SCI FI Wire. “So we’ve tried to keep the spirit of that and kind of transpose that into a post-9/11 world, if you can imagine what ‘Scanners’ would be involved in in that kind of world. That’s what we’re attempting to do here.” He adds that the remake will hopefully distill the original’s best moments while expand on its world.

Darren Lynn Bousman (“Saw II – IV”), according to the Hollywood trades, is slated to directed. However, he needs to complete the next “Saw” sequel and his musical Repo! The Genetic Opera first.