Ford, Liotta and Penn are Crossing Over


With an ensemble cast that includes Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta and Sean Penn, The Weinstein Company has set an April 11 start date on Crossing Over, a drama that covers the controversial topic of immigration and those who’ll do anything to enter the U.S.

Written and directed by Wayne Kramer (The Cooler), the film will shoot in Los Angeles and examines illegal immigrants the way that Traffic did the illegal drug trade, with intersecting storylines threaded through the film.

Variety says that more cast will be added and will be shuttled in and out. Penn has only a cameo in the film and he’ll spend three days shooting a small role as a border patrol agent.

Ford plays an enforcement agent who stages raids designed to corral illegals, while Liotta plays a USCIS district adjudicator, a bureaucrat dealing with the problems of illegals.

Frank Marshall, Kramer and Gregg Taylor are producing.