Moreau and Palud on the Ils Remake


French filmmakers David Moreau and Xavier Palud have made a leap across the pond for The Eye, a remake of the Pang Bros.’ premiere J-horror contribution which is currently shooting in Los Angeles for Lionsgate and producers Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner.

While on the set we had the pleasure of gabbing with the directors about their austere exercise in home invasion cinema, Ils (Them), and their thoughts on Rogue Pictures (The Hitcher) and Gold Circle Films’ (Slither) in-the-works American adaptation.

This debut feature – which is reportedly hitting U.S. shores later this year in a limited theatrical run from Dark Sky Films – stars Olivia Bonamy (Bloody Mallory) and Michael Cohen as a couple under attack by unseen invaders in their French countryside home. The events are torn from actual newspaper headlines and its skin-crawling vigor stems from Moreau and Palud’s decision to shroud the antagonists in secrecy for most of the running time.

For the remake, however, Moreau tells us, “right now they want to explore [the attackers] a bit more” and essentially drag them further into the spotlight. This decision may be eschewed over time as the film is still in its early stages, but nevertheless, it’s an eyebrow-raising approach for those who have seen the original film.

The duo may serve as executive producers on the Ils redux, but for now their concentration lies solely on completing The Eye. A set report from that film is on the horizon… and be sure to stay tuned as preps it’s all-horror website,!