Mr. Brooks Sequels?


Entertainment Weekly recently talked to Kevin Costner about his new thriller, Mr. Brooks, scheduled to open in theaters on June 1.

In the film, Costner plays Earl Brooks, a loving family man and a local business icon. But Mr. Brooks is deeply flawed and very aware of it. He is addicted to killing. Struggling with his pathology, he tries to quit, but his alter-ego, “Marshall” (played by William Hurt), has an altogether different idea. “Marshall” enjoys his “existence” and his “work.”

“I wasn’t dying to do a role like this. I’m not a guy that goes ‘Boo!’ But when I read it, I thought the writers found an amazing window into the subject matter. Now I feel this is as strong a performance as I’ve ever given,” he told the magazine.

Costner feels so good about the film, he’s already talking sequels. “This was written with the idea that we would do a couple others,” explains the actor. “When the writers first presented the notion to me, I said, ‘Oh, bulls—! I haven’t done Tin Cup 2, or Bull Durham 2, or Open Range: The Early Years, so you don’t have to try to hook me with that.’ But when they told me their idea, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. We’re hoping this little movie develops a following so we can play this story out the way it should.”

Mr. Brooks also stars Demi Moore and Dane Cook. You can watch the trailer here.