Jeff Nathanson Knows Its True


Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to make a film about Milli Vanilli, the duo that rose to the top of the pop charts and fell just as quickly when they were exposed as frauds, reports Variety.

Jeff Nathanson will write the script and direct the film. Kathleen Kennedy will produce.

Nathanson (Rush Hour 3, Catch Me If You Can) has secured the cooperation of Fabrice Morvan, as well as the estate of Rob Pilatus, who died in 1998 of a drug overdose as the pair were attempting a comeback.

Pilatus and Morvan were hired by producer Frank Farian to front Milli Vanilli. Farian already had songs recorded by three other singers – Charles Shaw, John Davis, and Brad Howell. Pilatus and Morvan became trapped in a lie when Milli Vanilli topped the charts and sold millions of records. Desperate to end the charade, the duo refused to promote a follow-up album unless Farian let them sing. Instead, he blew the whistle.

Their Grammy Award was rescinded, class action lawsuits were filed, and Milli Vanilli was dropped from the Arista roster.