Matt Damon to Get Shrunk for Alexander Payne’s Downsizing


In the planning stages for years, Alexander Payne’s high concept sci-fi satire Downsizing is moving forward with Matt Damon in the lead. Deadline has the news, reporting that Damon will headline the story of a man and his wife who, deciding that their lives have gotten out of hand, decide to voluntarily have themselves shrunk down. Unfortunately for the man, his wife backs out at the last minute.

Payne scripted Downsizing with Jim Taylor, with whom he also wrote Sideways and About Schmidt.

Back in 2009, the project nearly moved forward with Paul Giamatti in the leading role with Reese Witherspoon playing his wife and Sacha Baron Cohen cast in a dual role. Whether or not any of those actors will return in some capacity for this new iteration remains to be seen, but check back for details as they become available.

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