10 Moments We Want to See in Captain America: Civil War – Secret Avengers



One of the more exciting aspects of Civil War was the way that Cap refused to let his status as a fugitive get in the way of being a superhero. Enter the Secret Avengers: a group of mostly street level superheroes who openly flaunted the SRA while kicking the crap out of supervillains. Cap and his fellow Secret Avengers even took on new secret identities to avoid detection by the government.

The only reason that this might be problematic in Captain America: Civil War is that some of the characters in Cap’s Secret Avengers haven’t made their onscreen debut yet. But Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) seem like natural choices for this. And with Charlie Cox’s upcoming stint as Daredevil next year for Netflix, bringing him in as a member of Cap’s team would be a great way to tie-in the newest Marvel original series to the larger Cinematic Universe.

There have been rumors that Jeremy Renner could appear in this movie as well. If so, Hawkeye would also be a great fit for Cap’s team.