First Images, Poster for Unofficial Dredd Spin-Off ‘Superfiend’ Debut


dark judges header 4

Two weeks ago, it was revealed that Dredd fans would be getting their wish of a follow-up after all (sort of), as Dredd executive producer Adi Shankar revealed that he had secretly been working on an unofficial spin-off that was inspired by the “Dark Judges’ storyline. Now, Entertainment Weekly has our first look at the digital series, which it turns out is actually animated and goes by the name “Superfiend.” Check out the images below!

Much like Shankar’s previously-released Punisher short starring Thomas Janes, the upcoming “Superfiend” series is not officially related to the original film in question but is intended as more of a treat for fans. The series is expected to debut online later this month.

superfiend poster