Sylvester Stallone Targets One Last Battle with Rambo: Last Blood


It was rumored back in June that work had started on another big screen entry in the Rambo franchise (launched in 1982 with First Blood). Now, thanks to reader ‘nopr100,’ we know the title! Sylvester Stallone will be heading into one last fight with Rambo: Last Blood, which he also plans to direct.

Stallone last played the role of John Rambo in 2008’s Rambo, which earned $113.2 million worldwide on a $50 million budget. He also wrote and directed that film. Then in 2009, a rumored synopsis hit for a fifth film that made it seem like Stallone was planning to adapt James Byron Huggins’ novel “Hunter.” At this time, however, official plot details are unavailable.

Rambo: Last Blood was previously used as the title of an online flash game, developed by “The Last of Us” designer Peter Javidpour. You can play it online right here.

Avi Lerner, who has worked repeatedly with Stallone, will produce Last Blood for Millennium Films.