Meet Ralph Sarchie, the Man Behind Deliver Us From Evil


That mini-doc/featurette teased here about Ralph Sarchie, the cop whose book inspired the upcoming Deliver Us From Evil, has made its debut today. You can watch it using the player below and here’s a description of the doc?

Cameras will follow Sarchie to investigate the site of a purported paranormal infestation, interview NYPD cops who served with Sarchie, talk to an ex-prison warden who currently works as Sarchie?s partner, and reveal Sarchie?s private life through interviews with his mother, sister, and daughter. For the first time, Ralph Sarchie will open his case files and share recordings from his exorcisms. The footage is disturbing because it’s real; the implications are terrifying because they are rooted in truth. Over the course of his 16 years as a NYPD cop, Sarchie came to be known as a man of trust and authority.It?s because of this rock-solid reputation that his supernatural experiences will cut so close to the bone with audiences.

The Scott Derrickson-directed Deliver Us From Evil opens on July 2 and stars Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, Olivia Munn, Sean Harris and Joel McHale.