Friday the 13th Reboot Targets V/H/S Director David Bruckner


With a release date (now less than a year away) set for the project last fall, Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes are looking for a helmer for their next entry in the Friday the 13th franchise. TheWrap today reports that David Bruckner, the man behind the V/H/S segment ¬ďAmateur Night,” is in negotiations for the job.

Little is known about exactly what direction the next entry will take with rumors swirling that the plan is to develop the property as a “found footage” film. What is confirmed is that the film, the 13th in the overall franchise, will hit the big screen on Friday, March 13, 2015.

We learned in June that Warner Bros. relinquished the rights to the franchise and gave them back to Paramount. The studio had five years to get a new entry in theaters before those rights reverted back to Paramount.

Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will produce the new film.