Garrett Hedlund Will Play Hook in Joe Wright’s Pan


Casting is starting to come together for Joe (Atonement) Wright’s reinvention of the J.M. Barrie classic Pan, already scheduled for release by Warner Bros. on June 16, 2015.

The lead role of Hook in the movie has been one of the parts many actors have been chasing with a number of familiar names in the mix, but according to Deadline, that role is going to Garrett Hedlund, star of Disney’s TRON: Legacy.

The 29-year-old actor has been diversifying since playing Sam Flynn in the 2010 Disney sequel, appearing in the adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and in the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis, but his role in Pan will bring Hedlund back to the tentpole leading man status he garnered from TRON: Legacy.

Other names that were in the mix for the role included “Boardwalk Empire’s” Jack Huston and Ezra Miller from The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Based on a script by Jason Fuchs and produced by Greg Berlanti, this different take on Peter Pan shows Pan as an orphan taken to the magical world of Neverland, where he leads a rebellion of the natives against a band of pirates.

Both Hugh Jackman and Javier Bardem have been mentioned as potentially playing Blackbeard, captain of said pirates and the main villain of the movie.

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