Mark Romanek Eyes Boston Strangler with Casey Affleck


Announced for Casey Affleck to star last month, Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming Boston Strangler may have found a director. Variety reports that One Hour Photo and Never Let Me Go helmer Mark Romanek is in talks to take on the true crime thriller, which features a script by Chuck Maclean.

Affleck, who is also executive producing, will star as a detective investigating a series of murders that, to this day, are not wholly solved. The film will present the true story of the year-and-a-half long serial murders that claimed more than a dozen women’s lives in Boston in the early 1960’s. A man, Albert DeSalvo, was later arrested and confessed to the crimes, although there’s significant doubt as to whether or not he was the only party involved.

Kevin McCormick is producing through his Langley Park Productions.

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