Uptown Saturday Night Gets to Receive Nicholas Stoller Rewrite


Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Five-Year Engagement helmer Nicholas Stoller is set to rewrite the upcoming Warner. Bros. comedy Uptown Saturday Night, Variety reports.

A remake of the 1974 comedy of the same name, Uptown Saturday Night will be directed by Anchorman and Step Brother helmer Adam McKay and is targeted for Will Smith and Denzel Washington to star.

Directed by Sidney Poitier, the original film starred Bill Cosby and Harry Belafonte as a pair of friends who, after getting robbed, learn that they’ve won the lottery and set out to track down the thieves and the wallet with the winning ticket inside.

Though neither Smith or Washington are confirmed to star, Smith’s own Overbook Entertainment is producing the project and the pair were previously linked to the property in 2011.