Thor: The Dark World Opens to $45.2 Million Overseas


Next Friday, Marvel Studios’ new film Thor: The Dark World will open in North America, but the sequel has already debuted on screens around the world where it has taken in $45.2 million, allowing Walt Disney Pictures to reach $2.314 billion internationally for the year, breaking the studio’s previous record of $2.302 billion from 2010.

Though it has yet to open in Argentina, Italy, China or Japan, here is how the film performed in current key territories Wednesday through Friday:

UK $7.8M
France $5.8M
Germany $4.1M
Australia $2.9M
Korea $2.6M
Philippines $2.6M
Mexico $1.9M
Brazil $1.7M
Spain $1.7M
Taiwan $1.6M
Russia $1.5M
Malaysia $1.5M
Singapore $1.2M
Sweden $1.2M
Other $7.1M

Check back here tomorrow for the official numbers on “Thor’s” international box office. How much do you think the film will make domestically when it opens November 8th?

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