Veronica Mars Movie is Testing, Triplets Inching Closer to Production


While covering the upcoming Disney Animation release Frozen in New York City, got the chance to catch up with a couple of the film’s stars regarding other impending projects.

Less than seven months after being successfully funded on Kickstarter, Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas and co. are already hosting test screenings for Veronica Mars. When asked about the status of the current cut of the film, Bell explained, “It’s testing now, shortly to be locked and finished, completed editing and then it will come out very early 2014.”

We’ve known the film was heading towards an early 2014 release since San Diego Comic-Con, but by stressing the word “very,” Bell certainly could have narrowed down the target date to the first months of the year. At that time, longtime fans will be reunited with their favorite student/private investigator who, in the film version, is all grown up and living in New York City – until an incident calls her back to Neptune.

Next up was Josh Gad. After talking about his Frozen character Olaf, three lovable balls of snowy warmth, Gad offered an update on the status of his Twins sequel, Triplets. The 1988 release featured Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as the two most unlikely twins separated at birth imaginable and now, in the follow-up Gad penned with Ray Dixon, the Benedict boys will meet brother #3 – Eddie Murphy.

The idea is absolutely ridiculous and Gad knows it. He explained, “We’re very reverential to the original, but have our tongue firmly in our cheek. As it needs to be, it’s very modernized. It’s taking them into the new world and it’s acknowledging that comedy’s changed a lot in 20 years.” He also laughed and pointed out, “If you saw ‘Twins’ and it was released as a movie currently, you’d be like, ‘This is really strange,’ so we honor that and we respect it, but we also play on it.”

As for the status of the project, Gad assured, “‘Triplets’ is getting very close. We handed in our first draft to much enthusiasm and we’re doing a second draft right now that’s like miniscule changes and it’s very exciting. It’s very real.”

We’ll bring you more on Veronica Mars and Triplets as information becomes available, and be sure to keep an eye out for our full interviews with the cast of Frozen coming closer to the film’s November 22, 2013 release.