Exclusive Photo: Sons of Anarchy Stars Weigert and Siff in Concussion


ComingSoon.net has your first look at “Sons of Anarchy” stars Robin Weigert and Maggie Siff in writer/director Stacie Passon’s Concussion. Opening on October 4, the drama co-stars Johnathan Tchaikovsky, Julie Fain Lawrence, Emily Kinney and Laila Robins.

An erotic story, the central figure is Abby (Robin Weigert), an interior designer turned soccer mom who wakes up one day–after suffering a bad bump on the head–to the feeling that the spark has gone out of her life, sexually and otherwise. So she goes back to work, renovating a Manhattan loft, and tries paying for sex, first with a low-end Craigslist hooker who freaks her out, then with a high-end one who suggests Abby consider giving the world’s oldest profession a try.

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