A New Site Launches for October 18 Release Carrie


Carrie opens on October 18th and the Facebook page for the redo of the Stephen King property is guiding viewers to a new site.

FindCarrie.com introduces you to the White household and asks you to sign in using your Facebook account to break in and explore the abode while a friend watches as a lookout.

Or, you can explore by yourself with characters from the film – Christine Hargensen or Billy Nolan – texting you along the way.  Check it out, you’ll see what we mean.

The film stars Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore.

The quiet suburb of Chamberlain, Maine is home to the deeply religious and conservative Margaret White and her daughter Carrie.  Carrie is a sweet but meek outcast whom Margaret has sheltered from society.  Gym teacher Miss Desjardin tries in vain to protect Carrie from local mean girls led by the popular and haughty Chris Hargenson, but only ChrisÂ’ best friend, Sue Snell, regrets their actions. In an effort to make amends, Sue asks her boyfriend, high school heartthrob Tommy Ross, to take Carrie to prom. Pushed to the limit by her peers at the dance, Carrie unleashes telekinetic havoc.