9 Things to Consider for the Superman/Batman Movie


Warner Bros. rocked the San Diego Comic-Con when they announced that they’re finally bringing the two titans of DC comics together in a film. As a follow-up to Man of Steel, Batman and Superman will appear on screen together in just two years. This is certainly something to be excited about, it’s the kind of movie that we’ve all dreamed about for years. Especially after Marvel debuted The Avengers it made everyone turn around and say to WB, “Okay, your turn.” We’ve heard rumors of Justice League films for such a long time and this movie is the closest thing we’ll get to that, at least for the foreseeable future. Now don’t think I’m not excited about the prospects of this film, because I am, but I think that it’s shortsighted on WB’s part to make this bold proclamation. I’m also not saying that WB isn’t smart, clearly they are, but I have a few questions that we all should think about regarding this movie.

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