Universal Makes Weaponized Plans


Following the tremendous box office success of last year’s Safe House, Universal Pictures has secured the rights to the upcoming Weaponized, an action thriller from that film’s writer, David Guggenheim, and Nicholas Mennuti. Deadline has the news, reporting that the new book will be adapted into a screenplay by Guggenheim himself.

Set to be published later this month, Weaponized is officially described as follows:

Kyle West is a wanted man. Having betrayed his former boss—billionaire government contractor Christopher Chandler—Kyle’s hiding in Cambodia, frantic for a way home, and finding more and more reasons to be paranoid.

In a moment of weakness, he swaps passports with a mysterious fellow American, Julian Robinson, in Cambodia on business.

This one decision plunges Kyle into a Pandora’s Box of intrigue that threatens to swallow him whole. He’s suddenly being pursued by Russian oligarchs, Chinese operatives, the CIA, and a beautiful woman trained to kill; because Robinson is certainly not who he seemed, and time is running out for Kyle to discover the truth about the dangerous man who stole his identity.

Scott Stuber is set to produce the film adaption through Bluegrass Films.