Video Interviews: The Cast and Crew of Aftershock


For Nicolas Lopez’s first cross-over film, Aftershock, the Chilean director teams up with star and horror connoisseur Eli Roth. The natural disaster thriller centers on a group of sexy quasi-strangers partying it up in the heart of Chile’s nightlife scene only to have their fun cut short by a deadly earthquake. As their gruesome night unfolds, the crew (led by Roth’s earnest “Gringo” character) discovers the real threat isn’t Mother Nature; it’s human nature. Even more terrifying: the events were partly inspired by a real quake that hit Santiago, Chile in 2010. sat down with the stars and filmmaker at LA’s legendary Magic Castle to talk survival kits, what it’s like to experience an earthquake while clubbing and the “natural disaster” that are Roth’s dance moves. It’s a bloody rollercoaster of a ride that sets itself apart from the genre’s typical, CGI-inflated doomsday fare and will definitely have you re-stocking those emergency kits. Thermal blankets and bottled water, anyone?

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