Rob Cohen Takes Over Direction of Crash Bandits


Director Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious) has been attached to direct Nu Image and Millennium’s action-adventure Crash Bandits, a project that was previously going to be directed by Die Hard and Predator helmer John McTiernan, who is currently serving a year in prison for lying to the FBI.

The movie involves the rivalry between two treasure hunters who salvage old plane wrecks as they race across the Amazon jungle to claim the ultimate prize. Originally Hayden Christensen was attached to play one of the treasure seekers but with McTiernan no longer on board, the role may be recast.

The script was originally written by Michael Stokes, but Cohen, who recently directed Tyler Perry in Summit Entertainment’s Alex Cross, will do a rewrite with Johnny Martin, David Raines, Kevin King and Mark Canton producing and Avi Lerner, Trevor Short, Boaz Davidson and John Thompson exec. producing.

Cohen is also developing an action movie based on Sir Isaac Newton.

(Photo source: Brian To/