Kevin Smith Started Writing Clerks III at 4:20 this Morning


Kevin Smith is moving forward with plans to make Clerks III his finale movie. He posted on his Facebook page that he has started writing the third film:

20 years ago today, we started shooting CLERKS.
20 years later, with no plan or provocation, I jumped out of bed at 4:20 this morning and started writing CLERKS III.
It’s been like hanging out with old friends.
And after 2 hours of tapping the keys and giggling, I have come to a conclusion…
CLERKS III will be the best film I’ll ever make.”

Jeff Anderson and Brian O’Halloran played Randal Graves and Dante Hicks, respectively, in the original 1994 Clerks. A pair of young slackers working minimum wage customer service jobs, they reprised their roles for a short-lived animated series and then returned to the big screen in 2006’s Clerks II.