On the Set of Evil Dead : Jane Levy Talks Challenges of the Remake


In the first part of ShockTillYouDrop’s report from the forthcoming Evil Dead remake, they toured the New Zealand set and spoke with star Lou Taylor Pucci and producer Rob Tapert. With part two, a tease of a scene they saw on set as well as highlights from their discussion with actress Jane Levy, who undergoes a terrifying transformation in the film!

While on set, Shock had a chance to observe director Fede Alvarez and the cast and crew conducting movie making magic. They caught a scene where a cast member (we won’t divulge who due to spoilers) has become possessed by evil and he beckons to a fellow cast member.

“Join us. Joooiiiinnnn Uuuusssss,” he says.

Shock saw that scene shot over and over again until Fede had gotten it from every angle and was satisfied with the dialogue. It’s clear, from watching him work, that Alvarez is a perfectionist and is concerned with making the absolute best film possible.

You can check out the interview with Jane Levy by clicking here.