On the Set of Evil Dead


As soon as the Evil Dead remake was announced, the fan backlash ensued.

Message boards were filled with critical comments. Everyone wanted to know why it was necessary to remake the terrifying classic from 1981. Fortunately, the creative team behind Evil Dead 2013 has their wits about them and they aren’t trying to top or outdo the original. They are working to make a scary, dark and haunting film that will take some of its inspiration from the ideas explored in the original Evil Dead film, but do it in a way that retells the story for audiences 30 years later. The remake is going to pay homage to the original, but, it’s quite clear that no one is trying to do any disservice to it.

ShockTillYouDrop.com had the opportunity to visit the set of Evil Dead in Auckland, New Zealand. They got the scoop on the production process and details on the plot and tone from director Fede Alvarez and producer Rob Tapert, and they also chatted with the cast.

You can check out the set report by clicking here!