Exclusive Clip & Interview: Rise of the Guardians Director Peter Ramsey


With twenty-four feature films under their belt, DreamWorks Animation long ago got over the hump of being a studio where everyone presumes to know exactly what to expect from them. 2010’s How to Train Your Dragon played a large part in that transition, being their second movie based on a preexisting children’s novel after their hugely-successful Shrek franchise. Those previous forays into childrens’ books worked so well that Jeffrey Katzenberg decided to give it another go, picking up the rights to adapt William Joyce’s series of novels “The Guardians of Children” into the movie that would become Rise of the Guardians.

To learn more about that process, you can read our interviews with Joyce and screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire here, but helming the film and making his feature film directorial debut is Peter Ramsey, whose resumé as a storyboard artist before coming to DreamWorks Animation, is nothing short of astounding. Just to give you a taste, Ramsey was part of the art team of David Fincher’s Fight Club, Robert Zemeckis’ Cast Away and Spike Jonze’s Being John Malkovich. ComingSoon.net spoke to him about his transition to animation and the challenges of making the movie last week.

But first, with the movie’s release tomorrow, DreamWorks Animation and Paramount have provided ComingSoon.net with an exclusive clip from the movie featuring Jack Frost, voiced by Chris Pine, showing off his powers to a young boy named Jamie and voiced by Dakota Goyo (Real Steel), who will play a large part in the Guardians’ latest adventure. You can watch that clip below:

And as promised, here’s our interview with director Peter Ramsey.

ComingSoon.net: I was at the Bryant Park presentation so I know a little bit about how this came together, but one thing I don’t know is how you got involved. I know you have a background as a storyboard artist, so I’m curious how you transitioned into animation.
Peter Ramsey:
Oh, yeah. I had a storyboarding career, hopscotching over a bunch of films and I had also directed some 2nd Unit on a few films. One of the films I boarded and did 2nd unit on was a movie called “Tank Girl” back in the mid-