Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington on Silent Hill: Revelation 3D


It ain’t easy striking up a relationship in Silent Hill, and not only do Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington have to run through the land of bloody bunnies, nonstop falling ash and creepy nurses while fostering a budding relationship, they’ve got to be downright horrified, too.

Six years after the events of the first film, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D brings back little Sharon, now 18 and calling herself Heather (Clemens). Since her return, Heather and her father, Christopher, now going by the name Harry (Sean Bean), are constantly on the run, settling in a new town every time the past creeps too close. Making friends isn’t really an option when you’re the new girl at school, have a bit of an attitude and are constantly having nightmarish visions, but lucky for Heather, another newcomer, Vincent (Harington), takes a liking to her and stands by her side when she heads home to find her house ransacked, her father missing and this bloody message on the wall – “Come to Silent Hill.”

With Silent Hill: Revelation 3D due in theaters on October 26th (early screenings begins October 25th at 10pm), Clemens and Harington took the time to sit down and discuss romance Silent Hill style, their Sean Bean daddy complexes, hopes of returning to Silent Hill and much more.

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