Video Interview: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Director Michael J. Bassett


Back in 2006, the first movie based on Konami’s popular horror-based game Silent Hill hit theaters, giving fans some idea what it might be like to visit the foggy dimension. It’s taken nearly six years for a sequel to hit theaters with Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, directed by Michael J. Bassett (Solomon Kane), which gives fans the chance to step straight into Silent Hill thanks to the 3D technology used to film this one.

“Revelation” stars Australian actress Adelaide Clemens as Heather Mason, a popular character from the third game, but here that name is the alter-ego for the daughter of Sean Bean’s character from the first movie, as they’ve been traveling around the country trying to stay one step ahead of the agents of Silent Hill, who want to take her back. At Heather’s new school, she meets Vincent, played by Kit Harington (“Game of Thrones”), and the two of them find themselves on the run from Silent Hill’s fantastical creatures.

Bassett, who also wrote the script, took lots of stuff from the games, particularly “Silent Hill 3,” which is why we finally get to see Leonard and Claudia Wolf, played by Malcolm McDowell and Carrie-Ann Moss, although in slightly different incarnations. got to sit down with Bassett and you can check out the video interview by clicking here.