Interview: Derrickson and Cargill on Sinister


Something evil was born when a member of the online movie criticism community and a Hollywood director collided. For once, it wasn’t some all-out argument battle on Twitter or flame war on a message board; it was actually something positive and creative (shocker!). In fact, the end result of this pairing was a feature film endeavor called Sinister, the highly recommended supernatural thriller starring Ethan Hawke (opening October 12th from Summit Entertainment).

The film is the birthchild of The Exorcism of Emily Rose‘s director Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill, the man known as “Massawyrm,” a movie critic from Ain’t It Cool News. Under Blumhouse Productions – the company that gave us the “Paranormal Activity” series and Insidious – Derrickson and Cargill collaborated on this effective slice of scare cinema which concerns a writer (Hawke) who discovers a box of Super 8 film in his basement and the creepiness that ensues. met with the duo in Austin, Texas during Fantastic Fest where they discussed the film’s origins, how Derrickson and Cargill’s creative partnership came about, their feelings on modern horror and where the look of the film’s bogeyman came from.

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