’s Fall 2012 Horror Movie Guide


When distributors give their horror films a release during a time of year that is anything but the fall, a common complaint is: Why don’t they wait until Halloween to release their movies? There are myriad reasons, to be honest, however no one should be complaining this fall as there are over 30 new genre films hitting the market across various platforms (VOD, DVD/Blu-ray, TV, theaters).’s has compiled a breakdown of what’s demanding your attention over the next three months.

As usual, it’s a mixed bag of treats. Tales of the supernatural and of the “found footage” variety are prevalent, lead by Paranormal Activity 4 (of course). There is also plenty of Hollywood fare coming your way, however. If you’re in the mood for some imports, there are some good titles arriving from the UK and Spain. And, hey, look at that – Joe Dante’s latest film is getting a release, too!

You can check out the 4-page preview by clicking here!