Exclusive Clip From The Good Doctor


The Good Doctor, starring Orlando Bloom (upcoming The Hobbit) and Riley Keough, opens in theaters Friday, August 31 and we’ve got a first look at an exclusive clip from the film.

In the film, Martin Blake (Bloom) is an ambitious but anxious young doctor, eager to impress his superiors and colleagues: Chief Resident Waylans (Rob Morrow), self-assured fellow intern Dan (Troy Garity) and no-nonsense nurse Theresa (Taraji P. Henson). But things are not going Martin’s way and he can’t seem to shake off his insecurities. When 18-year-old patient Diane (Keough) is admitted for a kidney infection, Martin steps in, getting the much-needed boost of self-esteem he craves. But things take a dark turn as his enthusiasm begins to become an obsession.

You can also check out The Good Doctor On Demand via Amazon Instant Video now.