Interview: The Awakening Director Nick Murphy


There have been many decent movies about ghosts and the paranormal this year (a couple bad ones, too) but one of the big things that sets Nick Murphy’s The Awakening apart is that being set in the time period of post-WWI England allows it to examine ghosts on a different level than we’ve seen before.

It’s the theatrical film debut of director Nick Murphy whose BAFTA-winning work on British television was more likely to be seen by the PBS “Masterpiece Theater” crowd than those who like horror movies.

In the film, Rebecca Hall plays Florence Cathcart, an expert on ghosts who is called upon to investigate the mysterious occurrences at a boarding school where one boy has died and the rest are being haunted by ghosts. As Florence tries to solve the mystery, she learns there’s more to this place than she originally thought.

By now you may have already seen the 10-minute opening scene preview or our exclusive clip, but a few weeks back, got on the phone with the British filmmaker and was surprised to learn that for the director of such a serious movie, he really has a wicked sense of humor.

You can check out the interview by clicking here.