Check Out an Exclusive Extended Clip From Klown


Drafthouse FIlms has provided with an exclusive extended clip from the Danish comedy hit Klown, which premiered at Fantasia Film Festival last year.

Directed by Mikkel Nørgaard, the raunchy comedy stars Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen, the Danish comic superstars whose characters from their popular television show are brought to the screen as they make plans to go on a canoeing trip with Frank hoping to escape troubles with his girlfriend Mia and Casper hoping to use it to score with other women besides his wife. Frank has recently discovered that Mia is pregnant and having doubts about Frank’s ability to raise a child. In a misguided attempt to prove his father potential, Frank “kidnaps” Mia’s nephew Bo to prove he can be a responsible father. In the clip below, the two of them show up at Casper’s house to inform him of the change in plans and Casper is not happy.

Even though most Americans will never have heard of Hvam and Christensen, their R-rated antics are of the kind that will appeal to fans of The Hangover and Jack-Ass, mixing scripted storytelling with outrageous off-the-cuff behavior when they’re filming out in public.

Klown opens in theaters in New York, Los Angeles and Austin on Friday, July 27, and will also be available on VOD.

Look for our interview with the film’s stars sometime later this month.